Implementation Resources for Clicker Apps

Below are links for ready made clicker resources that allow you to quickly and easily implement this tool into your classroom.

Introducing Clicker to Students

Not sure how to get started?  This is an easy to read intro with links to the various supports that Clicker can provide for easy implementation.

Clicker for Early Readers and Writers

Using the story of Little Red Riding Hood, this blog post links you to ready-made books, writing sets, graphic organizers, and talk sets that all go together and allow for a well rounded lesson that is ready to go for emerging readers and writers. While Little Red Riding Hood is the example in this post, Clicker has MANY resources that can be used together around central topics.

Demonstrating Core Subject Learning in a Lower Elementary Classroom

Already know a subject you would like to teach your students?  Here is a generalized resource with links to the various clicker resources and an action plan for how to use them with your choice of topics.

Calculating with Number Tiles & Clicker

Ever thought about whether you can use Clicker to teach math?  YES! You can! And Clicker has ready made sets that you can easily implement into your classroom right now!

Write Stories with Clicker

Is the general education classroom breaking down the writing process and you are looking for ways to help students do the same while using clicker.  This is a resource to help you determine the ways you can use the clicker supports to improve the writing process.